Professional Experience 

_Collaboration with Sawyer|Berson.

Brigdehampton Residence I
Collaboration since the schematic design trough the construction administration.
Image published at AD magazine (http://www.sawyerberson.com/projects/ad-100-press/)

_Collaboration with Richardson & Sadeki.

Collaboration on the construction documents for an high end residential apartment.
Website of the project: http://www.argenta.com.hk/en/#

# Image reference of the project, actual images cannot be released.

_Collaboration with Mauro Costa, Arquitecto.

Afonso Costa Museum
The museum is located in the center of Seia, a town in central Portugal, Serra da Estrela (mountain).
Respecting the existing building, the museum seeks to be a reference of energy efficiency through the use of simple systems but high efficiency. For example: use rainwater; reuse sanitary  waters; sun protection and passive ventilation.

_Collaboration with MQ - Arquitectura e Desenho Urbano, Lda.

Campo da Feira Master Plan
The field fair is an empty space in the middle of the urban mesh. The plan attempts to convert the empty space in urban consolidated, with single family homes, retail and offices, and support facilities to the community.

Montargil Aparthotel
The site is nearby the reservoir dam Montargil and is ideal for water sports.
The project in based in the idea of contemplation, so all spaces are face the waterfront. 
The Aparthotel has 16 rooms. There is also a restaurant and a tea room that accommodates guest and the visitors.

Refurbishment of Herdade do Gorducho
These homes are on a farm at the vast plans of Alentejo which has a very harsh climate of sun and heat.
The traditional buildings must respond to climate situation. House are positioned in axis North-South while most windows and doors face East.
All of the buildings are made using adobe and lime. These are indigenous materials and know energy savers. The Lime absorbs CO2 during its maturation process. A large fireplace and chimney are part of the critical ventilation system.
Homes were restored using traditional building techniques and supplemented with newer technologies. We also added solar panels to warm the water and the building.
The result: Homes that respect the environment and in part are self-sufficient.

Boaventura Apartments
Reconstruction of an apartment building located in traditional Lisbon neighborhood. The building was built during the 1950's.
The facade was retained and the interior was redone. The complex contains now six new apartments to rent to young people.
Due to localization and history of the building, I was charges with following the entire construction process and resolving specific situations that arose during the work.

Couço Master Plan
This was a plan of expansion and consolidation for the town of Couço. The plan included many different types of housing like family villas and town houses. The plan also included retail and green spaces. 
The project purpose was to create a solid mesh that connected with the present while opening the possibilities to future expansions. 

_Trainee in atelier Falcão de Campos, Arquitecto.

Balcony Railing in Monastery of Alcobaça
The Monastery of Alcobaça is a building with a 900 year history. It became necessary to construct a balcony railing for the main stairs, just inside the main door of the building. The goal was not to disturb the existing space. We used simple elements inspired by the metrics of the building and achieving a symbiosis with the existing elements. 
The result: We created the illusion that the railing had been in the space from the very beginning. 
See this project here.

Tourist Office
This building is included on the Urban plan for renewal of the Praça José Bento da Silva. 
It is a key link between the various part of the project. It works as a connection between the lower part of the village, beside the beach, and the upper side of the village. A tourist office is at In other end which connects visitors with the historic sites of the village.
A small art gallery inside the building allows visitors ans resident of the village to learn various forms of art and thought.
See this project here.

Banco de Portugal Museum
The Bank of Portugal occupies a city block in the heart of Lisbon downtown.
The occupation was progressive, being the sum of different buildings, one of which a church.
Due to the localization and historical value of the building, the Bank of Portugal decided to convert into a Museum.


School Work
_5th year

Aveiro Urban Project
Concept: extend, reinforce, and finish the University Campus axis.
An urban project based on bridging the unexpected failure of the urban grid, making it more logical and functional.
The University Campus of Aveiro is built along an axis without very clear borders. The project sought to extend, reinforce and complete that axis with a connection to the Ria (river). 
This cultural building maintains a schedule that bridges the gap between university and city.

_4th year

Mobile Library
Concept: Folding.
This proposal was for the creation of a library, video library, and discotheque in a very small space, to be used by people of all ages. The concept of folding provided spatial flexibility. For long stays, the bellows opens and expand interior space - spaces for reading, listening to music or watching movies. For short stays, the folding can be closed, keeping the circulation inside.
The volume allowed multiple conjugations. The space suits the needs. The versatility and flexibility creates an identity for the volume.

University Library
Concept: Curtain Hall.
The location is strongly marked by the historic surroundings - the Old Cathedral, the Palácio dos Grilos, the Great Wall and the whole area of schoolyards.
The proposal contemplates the restoration of the Palácio dos Melos which is currently a college of pharmacy. In addition, design and construction was required between the curtain wall and the Palácio dos Grilos.
The result: Marking the relationship between past and present.  


_3rd year

Family House
Concept: Courtyard house.  
Privacy can be an issue for a house in the city. This house is developed around a courtyard. The courtyard creates an intimate and private space that is used only by the homeowners and their guests. The proposals living space surrounds the courtyard, creating complicity between them.